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Here’s what you’ll learn from this Kindle Fire HD Review

  1. Some Kindle Fire Reviews are FLAWED – those that leave out __________ are flawed. Of course, we go in to a lot of details about it, like no other :-) Well, you be the judge of that!
  2. Some features are MORE important- your decision on whether to go with a Kindle Fire or not should be based on these. These are potential Deal Sealers!
    1. Top 10 Hardware Specs
    2. Kindle Fire Food – all important content
  3. Some features are LESS important – compared to the first group, that is! These are important features to have, but certainly not Deal Sealers.
  4. Shortcomings of the Kindle Fire HD- depending on your specific needs (from a tablet), these ‘weaknesses’ may be Deal Breakers for some. However, most of them are NOT really really important. We show you how to think outside the box and workaround some of them. Nevertheless some of them will be Deal Breakers to some of you.
    1. Top 10 Negative specs
    2. Workarounds
  5. Bottom line – 10 Critical Features
    1. Deal Sealers
    2. Deal Breakers

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Some (actually most) Kindle Fire Reviews are flawed because they’re

biased towards hardware

Hardware specs of tablet computers

Don’t take us wrong, hardware is important. But…

Content ecosystems

The most advanced tablet computer (or any other gadget) is useless without the right content i.e. music, movies, apps, books etc.

A balanced review should look at

  1. Hardware specs (both Pros and Cons) as well as
  2. The content that feeds the tablet

Leaving out either one of the above makes any review FLAWED

Top 10 hardware specs – in the order of the votes received

PLEASE VOTE after reading this review and help us improve this for the benefit of future readers

  1. High definition (HD) display
    • 720p HD resolution (1280X800) on this model (This model is NOT HD. Avoid it if you need HD)
    • 1080p HD resolution (1920×1200) on the this model. The resolution is only slightly less than the famous Retina Display of the Apple iPad 4. The iPad 4 has a resolution of 264 pixels per inch (PPI). The Kindle Fire HD has 254 PPI. That’s not a difference the naked eye of an ordinary human being can detect.
    • Anti-glare screen – 25% less glare compared to the original model: this has been accomplished by eliminating the air gap between the LCD on the bottom and the touch sensor on the top of the display. A really helpful feature if you plan on using it outside/in day light. From our experience, the glare is less on the new model than the older model; however, there is QUITE A BIT OF glare when we take it outside. In contrast, this model has no glare whatsoever.
    • TRUE HD screen – the 1280 X 800 (of the 7″ Fire) and 1920 X 1200 (of the 8.9″ Fire) displays are a 16:10 displays which are perfect for newest 16:9 HD movies. In contrast, the iPad Mini has a 4:3 display on which 16:9 HD content is viewed Letterboxed with a 1024 X 576 resolution. This is far from HD and is very close to SD (Standard Definition) video. True HD viewing requires a display with a minimum resolution of 1280 X 720.


    >>>Watch the Kindle Fire HD in Action<<<
    Watch in FULL SCREEN mode


    1. HD Movies – check 25 -35 seconds specifically
    2. Accessing apps and games
    3. eBook Reading – is the text sharp or not? Watch before you buy


  2. Front facing HD Camera and Mic – Finally!! this was a much talked about shortcoming on the 2011 version. Thanks to the HD camera and the mic, now you can Skype using the Kindle Fire. Don’t forget to check out our Kindle Fire HD Camera Guide which walks you through all the tips and tricks about accessing the camera, taking photos, videos, transferring them to your computer by cable and by wireless meansetc. etc.
    • This is a video we recorded with the Kindle Fire HD camera. What do you think about the picture quality? Not bad for a tablet eh?
  3. Ultra-fast Wi-Fi – The Kindle Fire HD is the world’s first tablet with dual-band, dual-antenna Wi Fi. This makes it 41% faster than the iPad 3 (single-antenna, dual-band) and 54% faster than the Google Nexus 7 (single-antenna, single-band) when it comes to downloads and streaming. Check out the nice graph on this page. You can read about all the differences between the Kindle Fire HD and the iPad Mini on our iPad Mini vs Kindle Fire HD comparison.
  4. 16GB or 32GB internal storage – That’s up to a 400% increase from the 8GB of the original model. Since this is an HD display, you need this extra storage because HD movies can run into several GB in size (~3GB). You can check out features of the 32GB model here (click the link to open new tab/window). You can actually further increase storage capacity (up to 64GB or 96GB) using this simple cheap device and free app for wireless data transfer.
  5. 1.2 GHz dual-core processor with 3D graphics core and 1GB RAM - The 1 GB RAM is an improvement from the 512 MB of the original version (the Kindle Fire that was sold for $129 on Cyber Monday is considered 2nd generation because it’s a slightly upgraded version from the 1st generation tablet). Together with the powerful dual-core processor, provides the power needed for the HD display.
  6. 11 hours of battery life- that’s an improvement of about 3 hours from the previous model (however, during a test that we did, we only got about 10 hours of continuous battery life – but we had the speakers on and the volume deliberately high, the display deliberately bright, Wi Fi continuously on etc. etc. All that sucks up battery power. So depending on how you use it, don’t be surprised if you don’t get the 11 hours. However, unlike certain other tablets, you won’t have to charge it in the middle of the day. It will last the whole day and charging at night would be sufficient even for the heavy users)

    Image credits: From bottom to top: full-sized iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone. The stereo speakers are so close to each other, that it’s difficult to appreciate the stereo effect

  7. Dolby Digital Plus with surround sounddual-driver stereo speakers for virtual surround sound. Surround sound on your tablet? Times are indeed changing! Sound quality of the Kindle Fire HD speakers are probably the best of any tablet in the current market
  8. HDMI out – Micro-HDMI (micro-D connector) port for HD video output to HDTVs or A/V receivers. Useful for watching video on TV, if the TV or Blu-ray player doesn’t have Wi Fi connectivity
  9. External volume controls – looks like Amazon listened to user complaints. The original Kindle Fire didn’t have any hardware volume controls. The only way you could up/down the volume was using the virtual/on-screen volume control. Some people didn’t like this and was a big complaint from last year. They have been cleverly placed that there is no chance of accidentally pressing them while holding the tablet
  10. Bluetooth – so that you can listen to music and calls wirelessly

Which version would you like to learn more about?

7″ Wi Fi 16GB

More info…

7″ Wi Fi 32GB

More info…

8.9″ Wi Fi 16GB

More info…

8.9″ Wi Fi + 3G/4G LTE 32GB

More info…


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Watch the Kindle Fire HD in Action
Watch in FULL SCREEN mode
(bottom right hand corner button on video)

  1. HD Movies – check 25 -35 seconds specifically
  2. Accessing apps and games
  3. eBook Reading – is the text sharp or not? Watch before you buy


Kindle Fire Food – content/software/service features

As we emphasized earlier, the content ecosystem that provides content for the Kindle Fire HD or any other tablet is an extremely important component of any tablet review. Showing the features of the Amazon Digital Store alone won’t necessarily give you a true idea of its quantity and quality. That’s why we included a table that compares the Amazon Digital Store to Apple iTunes. There is no doubt that the iTunes store is larger, however, Amazon wins on cheaper content. However, you will find that some content is priced the same in both stores, especially when it comes to purchases (vs rentals).

Amazon Digital Store vs Apple iTunes comparison

We could have randomly picked several movies and compared prices. But then, one could have argued that we deliberately picked movies that were cheaper on Amazon or iTunes, depending on what we wanted to prove was cheaper!

To avoid any confusion of that sort, we got the Top 10 Videos On Demand published by Rentrak for the current week (week of December 10th – 16th 2012), and did a price comparison between the two stores for the top 5 movies.

Top 10 Rentrak VOD Titles

Image credits:

Movie rentals are $2 cheaper on Amazon

iTunes vs Amazon Instant Video Rental Price Comparison

4 out of the Top 5 movies were cheaper on Amazon Instant Videos, regardless of whether it was standard definition or high definition. Winner? Kindle Fire!! You’re saving $2 when you rent a movie. Depending on how many movies you rent, the savings can certainly add up.

Purchase prices are not different

In contrast to the huge difference in price of rentals, there was hardly any difference between the movie purchase prices. Of the top 5, only “Men in Black 3″ HD version was a $ cheaper on Amazon while all other movies were the same price between the two stores.

Amazon Instant Video and iTunes Video Purchase Price comparison

Winner? It’s a TIE

We have taken screenshots of all above movies on iTunes as well as Amazon Digital Store. We’re not going to include them all below, but here’s just one of them, so that you know we didn’t pull those numbers out of thin air :-)

Ted Unrated Amazon Instant Video vs Apple iTunes Comparison Small

Image credits: Amazon digital store and Apple iTunes

Here’s a comparison of the two stores with some extra numbers

iTunes vs Amazon Digital Store Comparison Chart

Disclaimer: All prices are based on information available as of December 25th 2012. The simple test that we did by testing the top 5 movies is not scientifically 100% accurate. Such a statistically accurate test would require comparing prices on 100s if not 1000s of movies/MP3s etc. We have tried our best to be as accurate and unbiased as possible, however, we make no warranties as to the accuracy of above prices/features on a large scale.

Overall winner for content?

We think there’s a clear winner. Based on the above data we collected, we’re going with Amazon digital store. But don’t take our work, you should be able to come to your own conclusion; we have shown all the info you need to make that call.

  1. Content – over 22 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines, books, audiobooks, popular apps and games (some are free, some are not). There are many benefits including gazillions of Free Kindle books, Free MP3 music downloads, 30 day Free Trials on leading magazines, movies starting at $0.99 etc. etc.
  2. Amazon Prime – you get access to the Kindle owners’ lending library, Prime instant video etc. etc. However, please note that only the first month is free. Then it’s $79.99/year. That is slightly cheaper than NetFlix which is $8/month and comes to $96/year. Update: Now 3 month FREE TRIAL available
  3. Free app everyday – you have to pay for these apps on any other day. But everyday, Amazon picks one paid app and offers it for free. Check out the daily free app here and get an idea about the kind of apps you get for free. Typically these are priced around $2.99, but we have got apps as expensive as $14.99 for free thanks to the “Free App of the Day

To Buy or Not to Buy?

We think, the hardware features and the content/services features we outlined above are very strong reasons for one to purchase a Kindle Fire HD. Compared to other leading tablets, all of the above for $199 is nothing short of a bargain.

The not so important hardware/software specs

These are not ultra-important, nevertheless, can come in very handy when you start using your Kindle Fire.

  1. Free unlimited cloud storage – unlimited for Amazon content (that’s MP3, movies, ebooks, apps etc. etc. you buy from Amazon digital store) and 20GB for non-Amazon content (that would be like photos or other personal files you decide to upload on to the cloud)
  2. Kindle FreeTime – it’s basically an app included on the Kindle Fire HD that allows parents to create a customized content experience for each of their children. Kindle FreeTime provides a personalized content viewing experience for up to six kids. Each child sees only the content (books, videos and apps) added by the parent. Kids cannot exit Kindle FreeTime without the Parental Controls password. In other words, they can only use it the way you want them to use it. They can’t exit Kindle FreeTime and go browse the web or watch videos on YouTube. Click Here for a detailed breakdown of Kindle FreeTime features.
  3. Parental controlslack of proper parental controls was a major limitation on the 1st generation Kindle Fire. My kids would go online and purchase all kinds of games (not that they’re disobedient, they were too young to understand :-x). The only way to stop that was to turn the Wi Fi off. This was a major a major headache, not only to me, but to parents all over the USA. I had to contact Amazon support several times to get a few refunds for apps. But with new software updates, the parental controls have dramatically improved and now you can have the Wi Fi turned on. They can browse the apps, the web (according to what you decide they can do and cannot do) etc. with the Wi Fi turned on, but they CANNOT purchase anything without knowing the unlock password. This was a much needed feature, and Amazon seemed to have listened to the complaints and implemented the changes. Read more specifics on parental controls on this page.
  4. Whispersync for voice – automatic sync between audiobooks you listen and ebooks you read
  5. Whispersync is also offered for books, movies and games
  6. Immersion reading – synchronizes Kindle text with companion Audible audiobooks with real-time highlighting. I don’t think I’m going to use it, but I’m sure this is going to be an awesome feature for kids learning to read
  7. Buy once, enjoy everywhere – read/watch/listen to content not only on your Kindle Fire 2, but also on your PC, Mac, TV, Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation, Roku streaming device, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Smart TVs, Blu-ray players etc. etc.
  8. X-Ray for movies and books – just like do X-ray for tablets! ha ha!
  9. New email app – lets you sync all your different email accounts + other rich features
  10. Read-to-me – text-to-speech feature that I missed on the original version of the Kindle Fire
  11. Accelerometer - what the –?@!!? this is what turns the display from portrait to landscape and vice versa when you change the orientation of your iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire etc. Also plays a role in certain games like this one where physical movements of the KF are necessary
  12. Gyroscope - together with the accelerometer, the gyroscope helps determine the orientation. Again, comes to play when you switch from portrait to landscape and when playing games

Bottom line – 10 Critical Features

Kindle Fire HD vs iPad price comparison chart

  1. Price – at $199, it’s $130 cheaper than the iPad Mini. If you go with the 32GB Kindle Fire HD, that’s $180 cheaper than the 32GB iPad Mini. Even the 8.9″ Kindle Fire HD is cheaper than the iPad Mini. The Wi Fi only 8.9″ Kindle Fire HD, at $299, is $200 cheaper than the full sized iPad 4 priced at $499. The Wi Fi + 3G 8.9″ Kindle Fire HD priced at $499 is $230 cheaper than the Wi Fi + 3G iPad 4 priced at $729.
  2. Content – it let’s you easy access to one of the best, if not THE BEST, digital content store. Content is generally cheaper compared to iTunes, so your savings add up over the months/years. Amazon Prime and all those free daily apps add to the savings.
  3. HD display and sound system- the second-to-none crisp sharp image/video quality is an absolute eye pleaser. The whole idea of buying a tablet computer is to watch content. So there better be a good quality display. The high definition display on the Kindle Fire HD is way better than the non-HD display of the iPad Mini tablet. The dolby digital stereo speakers are as good as any found on tablets and complements its superior display.
  4. Fast processor and RAM – the dual core 1.2Ghz processor and 1GB RAM make sure a smooth user experience
  5. Wi Fi – ultra-fast Wi Fi download speeds thanks to dual-band dual-antenna technology
  6. Kid control – Kindle FreeTime and Parental controls may not be useful to everybody, but for those of us that have kids, these two features are amazing
  7. No expandable memory – you have the option of buying a 16GB or 32GB Kindle Fire with the 7″ version. When it comes to the 8.9″ version, you could buy a 16GB, 32GB or 64GB tablet. However, all of them have a ‘fixed’ internal memory. There isn’t a SD card slot for expanding memory. The iPad mini or full-sized iPad also doesn’t have expandable memory. But certain tablets like this one and  this one do. As we mention elsewhere also, even though the Kindle Fire HD or iPad don’t come with memory card slots, you can still increase the storage capacity even up to 96GB by using a FREE app like this one that works with a device like this one.
  8. No 3G on the 7″ version- not many people want 3G on their 7″ tablets, while some people that travel a lot, do. However, the 7″ Fire HD only comes with Wi Fi connectivity. This is a potential problem for those that travel a lot and don’t mind spending some extra ca$h for the 3G capability. If you want 3G on your tablet, there are 2 options.
    1. Option 1: Buy 8.9″ Kindle Fire HD with 3G/4G LTE + Wi Fi connectivity. This model also comes with a SUPER $ saving feature where you can get 12 months worth of 4G LTE for a one-time payment of $49.99.
    2. Option 2: All you need is something like this gadget or this one and you have 3G on your Kindle Fire HD.
  9. No rear camera- many 7″ tablets like the Kindle Fire HD, Google Nexus 7 and Nook HD do not sport a rear-camera. There are several potential reasons for this.
    1. Limited use – while a front camera is used for video chatting (so that you can see yourself on the screen) a rear-camera is used for photographing objects/people in front of you (so that you can see what you’re photographing on the screen. If you use the front camera to take pictures in front of you, you need to turn the tablet screen away from you and you can’t see what you’re photographing. You kind of have to blindly aim the camera at an object/person). But, what are the chances that you will carry a 7″ tablet taking photographs around you?
    2. Expensive – including a 2nd camera will increase the cost of production – here’s what ASUS, the manufacturer of the Google Nexus 7 had to say about it “To make [the Google Nexus 7] accessible to the widest possible market, price is very important. ASUS believes that for this device a good rear camera is important. Adding a high quality rear facing camera will increase the price point and many users would not have a use for it. Adding a lower quality rear facing camera would compromise on the overall user experience so the decision was made not to include a front facing camera therefore keeping the price down and user experience extremely high.”  That’s probably one of the reasons why the basic iPad Mini, that has a rear-camera starts at $329. More gadgets you have, the more pricier it will be.
  10. No GPS – the majority of Kindle Fire tablets don’t have 3G capabilities. Only this specific Kindle Fire HD has GPS: location-based services via Wi-Fi and assisted-GPS

Now that you’ve read all about the Kindle Fire HD, which version would you choose if you were to purchase?

7″ Wi Fi 16GB

More info…

7″ Wi Fi 32GB

More info…

8.9″ Wi Fi 16GB

More info…

8.9″ Wi Fi + 3G/4G LTE 32GB

More info…

Click here for a complete listing of hardware specs with user reviews

Read the TOP 10 Shortcomings here

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  1. robotix says:

    I’m surprised people have not voted for doubling of processor and RAM speed

  2. KJ says:

    I absolutely love the HD display and the volume control buttons. I don’t know how people managed without those buttons on the original model. I think the display is awesome too. I think I will use the Skype camera in the near future, but right now, the display and the volume are what I’m in love with

  3. Ethan says:

    The camera of course, now I can Skype my gf even when i’m in the toilet :0 Not kidding, I seriuosly do dat

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