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This is Part 2 of our Kindle Fire HDX vs Apple iPad mini/iPad Air vs Google Nexus Comparison. If you still haven’t read Part 1, which compares the MAJOR Specs, please read it first. Here’s the comparison on 5 minor specs, which is not as crucial as the 5 major specs, nevertheless, very important to be aware of!

5 relatively “Minor” Specs that need to be considered

  1. Front and Rear Camera Comparison
    Front and Rear Camera Comparison of Kindle Fire HDX, ipad and Google Nexus tablets

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    • Front cameras of all the tablets are more or less the same. Just like on smart phones, they’re not of high quality because they’re typically only used for video chatting
    • The one that stands out is the 8 MP rear camera of the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9. So you’ll obviously get better picture quality/resolution with that than with the iPads or Nexus. However, if you ask me, I won’t use camera specs to decide which tablet I’ll want to buy because I ain’t plannin on using a 9 inch tablet as a camera. The 8 MP camera on my Google Nexus 4 phone does a great job with taking pics! I don’t want to look stupid carrying a tablet around the neighborhood taking pics. Of course, that’s me, doesn’t mean that everybody else would think that way!

    ..And the winner of this segment is…

    • Is the Kindle Fire HDX, but in our opinion, it’s NOT a DEAL BREAKER for the other tabs
  2. Weight, thickness, height, width Comparison
    Weight, thickness, length and width comparison

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    • All 7″ tablets are more or less the same weight – The Nexus 7 is a whopping 13 grams lighter than the 7″ Kindle Fire HDX and 18g lighter than the iPad mini. 13g or 18g really shouldn’t be a deciding factor
    • 8.9″ Fire HDX is ~300g (10 ounces) lighter than the Full sized iPad. 300g is a SIGNIFICANT difference especially if you plan on holding it for more than half-an-hour reading books, browsing the web, watching movies etc. The Nexus 10 is also about 225 grams heavier than the 8.9″ HDX. The Kindle Fire definitely has an edge over the other 2 tablets here.

    When the difference is nearly 100 grams (> 3 ounces), it has to be given a some weight because it could make the difference between using a 9″ tablet FOR reading vs NOT using at all. Especially when reading, tablets or eReaders are usually held with one hand. You can use the other hand to hold a cup of coffee, tuck behind your head while laying back etc. etc. Hold 13 oz in one hand for an hour and then 21 oz (Nexus 10) another time, and you’ll feel the difference!


    • The iPad Mini is the thinnest of the 7″ tabs. However, the Nexus 7 and the 7″ Fire HDX are only 1.4 and 1.8mm thicker than that, respectively. We think these <2mm differences are too small to talk big about. However, the almost 3.5 mm difference between the iPad Mini and Kindle Fire HD definitely makes the slim iPad Mini the winner.
    • The 8.9″ Fire HDX is the thinnest of the larger tabs. However, the <2 mm differences with the Nexus 10 and full-sized iPad makes it a minor difference in our book!

    Length and width: you can make ‘em lighter, you can make ‘em thinner, but for a given size of screen, you can’t make them smaller than their screen size unless you make ‘em foldable.

    ..And the winner of this segment is…

    • For the smaller tablets, the Nexus 7 is the lightest and the iPad Mini is the thinnest
    • For the larger tablets, the Fire HDX is the lightest, however, in our opinion, are neither deal sealer or deal breakers!
  3. Storage capacity Comparison
    Comparison of the Storage Capacities

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    • None of the 3 major tablets we compare have a slot for an external micro SD card. Click here to find out what the mystery tablet is, it has a micro SD card slot and we recommend it for anyone looking for a high-quality budget tablet.
    • The 9.7″ iPad has the biggest internal memory with 128 GB
    • The Nexus has the least choice of memory – only 2 options at 16GB and 32GB
    • 64GB of internal memory should be plenty for most people because there’s plenty of storage space available in the cloud (FREE unlimited in the case of Amazon, for Amazon content). However, the problem is if you buy a 16 GB and later on decide that you need to upgrade the memory, there isn’t a way of doing that. In such a scenario, you will have to use this cheap gadget with this free app and you can add up to 128 GB!

    ..And the winner of this segment is…

  4. Ports and Connections Comparison
    Comparison of Ports and Connections available

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    Nexus tabs clearly have 2 features that neither the iPads nor the Kindle Fire tablets have, however, in our humble opinion, these are “minor specs” that shouldn’t influence your choice of tablet in favor of the Nexus 7.

    Here’s some misinformation you’ll find on the web!

    • There are several Google Nexus reviews that say it has a micro HDMI port! It DOES NOT! What it has is the ability to connect to HDMI via SlimPort.
    • What on earth is SlimPort to HDMI? This is a SlimPort to HDMI adapter. Always make sure it supports Full HD and 3D at 1080p.

    ..And the winner of this segment is…: The Nexus tabs have a leg up on the other tabs because none of the others have wireless charging or NFC (Near Field Communication – seen those ads where you just touch two Samsung Galaxy phones together and there’s data transfer between them? That’s what NFC is – All about NFC)

    NFC and Wireless charging – Deal Sealer for the Nexus?
    There’s no doubt that both NFC and wireless charging are cool features. But “cool” doesn’t always mean it’s a winner! For you to make use of NFC, you need another device with NFC. If you already have a NFC capable phone such as this or this one, you’ll have a use for the NFC feature of the Nexus 7. If not, it’s just a feature that’s going to accumulate dust! You can transfer almost anything via Wi Fi networks, email, Bluetooth etc. etc., so I wouldn’t buy the Nexus 7 purely based on this cool NFC feature!

    Why we don’t like wireless charging? Because they’re NOT eco-friendly! There’s energy loss as heat, during the wireless transfer. Typically, the energy efficiency is about 68-70%. Even the best wireless charging pads have efficiencies not more than 74-75%.

  5. Battery life Comparison
    Battery life comparison

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    • For mixed use, the maximum difference is between the Kindle Fire HDX and the Nexus tabs. However, given that the difference is only 2-3 hours, I wouldn’t give too many extra points to the HDX. If you use your tab 4-5 hours you’ll still have to charge the tab once every 2 days whether it’s the Nexus or Fire HDX. If you’re a light user like me, who uses it about an hour everyday, you’ll charge the HDX once every 12 days and the Nexus, once every 9 days. In my case, I wouldn’t even notice the difference.

    ..And the winner of this segment is…

    • Kindle Fire HDX, but in our opinion, it shouldn’t be a DEAL BREAKER for the iPads or Nexus tabs

MINOR Spec comparison – Conclusion

Kindle Fire HDX vs Google Nexus 7 vs Apple iPad Minor Spec ComparisonWhat’s Kindle FreeTime Unlimited

The answer depends on what’s more important to you. Is the largest collection of content on iTunes more important to you than “Mayday” and long-battery life to you? Or is NFC more important to you than any other feature? The winner of the MINOR specs comparison depends on the answer you gave, depending on your personal requirements!

Final Verdict – Major Specs + Minor Specs

Here’s what the major comparison looked like. Together with the major and minor specs, our answer is that this is ht e best tablet. What’s your answer?

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    The designers behind both tablets put a premium on creating slim, lightweight devices, but the Fire HDX 8.

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