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Update November 2012: The iPad 4 that was released earlier this month has most of the problems mentioned below fixed. So if you decide to buy an iPad, please make sure you buy an iPad 4 and not the iPad 3. You may find a few deals on the iPad 3 this holiday season, but we highly encourage you to spend the extra few bucks and to to for an iPad 4 instead of an iPad 3.

We hate to get you started on a Negative note, so if you still haven’t, please check out this part of the iPad 3 Review that addresses its Top 10 Positive Specs.

iPad 3 – Top 10 Negative Specs

  1. Charging the battery takes for ever – as much as 7 hours according to some users. Some also say that the battery doesn’t charge at all if they’re using certain heavy-duty apps like certain games, even if it is plugged in to the charger.
  2. Shorter battery life – remember we said that the high-resolution retina display was not only the major positive, but that it is also a considerable ‘weight’ on its battery, processor, RAM etc? All those millions of pixels means that the retina display sucks up a lot of energy (battery power) to light ‘em. Many users are reporting that with HD videos and certain video games, the battery doesn’t do anywhere near the suggested 10-11 hours.
  3. Overheating – especially when you’re using 4G LTE or games with intense graphics that tax the CPU/RAM. Many users actually physically felt this extra warmth. What kind of an impact this is going to have in the long run, we will have to wait to find out. Some are expressing concerns about the possibility of the extra heat having adverse effects of the iPads delicate hardware components in addition to the relative uneasiness of holding the heated up device.
  4. Apple iPad 3 Top 10 Negative SpecsWi Fi connectivity issuesplenty of complaints on weak Wi Fi connections
  5. Huge consumption of data – we asked for an HD model, they gave us an HD model and there’s nothing much they can do about it I guess. High def data (videos/images) definitely are larger files and consume more MB/GB of bandwidth and processing power/battery power of the tablet. Some people say, an optional HD mode with a standard non-HD mode could have solved this ‘problem’ – makes sense if you think about it!
  6. No ‘palpable’ boost in performance – even though the new iPads processor, RAM, graphics-features etc. all look better on paper, the overall performance of the iPad 3 doesn’t seem to be exceptionally faster/better. That is because advanced features such as the retinal display sucks up all that extra juice. Loading all those millions of pixels on to that screen is a lot of work. Did I mention that the resolution (pixels per inch) on the iPad 3 is higher than the resolution on your HDTV? That’s great, but that also consumes a lot of power from the iPad.
  7. Unimproved front camera – most iPad users that made use of its cameras, use it for video chatting. These users predominantly use the front camera and not the rear camera. The rear camera is mainly used for photographing objects/people in front of the user. Now how many of you plan on carrying your iPad for making pictures? iPhone camera works, your dedicated camera works – because they’re relatively small and the right size for a camera. But a ~10 X 8 inch iPad as your main photographing camera? Does sound a little silly doesn’t it? At least that’s what the people that are pissed off with an unimproved front-facing camera say. If Apple put all that work on to the front camera instead of the rear-facing camera, it would be a lot more useful to people in general. But if they did that, there would be this other group saying the rear camera is more useful 8-) The ultra-high resolution retina display doesn’t help the front camera either – video from the front camera look even more grainier than they looked on the iPad 2.
  8. Voice dictation – the transcription only takes place when it’s connected to Wi Fi. This will likely not be a problem, but has the potential to be a hassle for certain iPad users.
  9. Fuzzy icons – as mentioned multiple times earlier, the retina display of the new iPad is awesome and super-high def. What that does is, it exaggerates the flaws that exist on images or icons/avatars such as of Facebook, Twitter etc. etc. These imperfections would have been there on the iPad 2 also, but because the display wasn’t sharp enough, our naked eye didn’t see it. But now, thanks to the awesome ultra-high definition retina display, in certain cases, all those imperfections are readily visible giving you a somewhat unpleasant experience.
  10. No Flash on Safari – makes certain web videos unplayable on the iPad (this is not just a problem on the iPad 3, but also the previous versions). As a matter of fact, Adobe Flash does not support any of the new Andriod tablets, including the Kindle Fire HD either.
  11. Heavier and thicker than the iPad 2 – this really is negligible at an extra 51 grams in weight and 0.03 inches in thickness. However, there are already a few whiners that don’t like this. They argue that with improving technology, the weight, thickness etc. should go down, not UP!
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In conclusion, the new iPad 3 is awesome, but it has a few deficiencies. In fact, according to rumors, Apple is already working on producing a better display that is less heavier and less bulkier and hopefully also less power consuming. These will also hopefully address the battery charging issues. The fact that Apple is looking in to manufacturing a new retina display proves the point that the technology behind it is far from flawless. Therefore, if you already have an iPad 2, just stay with it until the iPad 4 or iPad 3S or whatever comes out with that improved display, or if you don’t have an iPad 2 either, read about the much cheaper Kindle Fire HD for $199 or $299, and see if that quenches your thirst!


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