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How do you transfer files from the Kindle Fire to your PC or from your PC to your Kindle Fire HD?

  1. Using the micro-B USB cable that comes with the Kindle Fire – but it’s obviously not the most convenient way of doing it because first you need to find it, then you need to connect them, then you need to open the file explorers on both devices etc. etc.
  2. By emailing files/pics/videos from the KF to the PC – as long as the file size is not too large
  3. Wireless transfer – can you do that? Yes! Seriously? Yes!

Wirelessly transfer files, documents, images, videos etc. etc. using Wi Fi File Explorer FREE App

Step 1: Download the FREE App and install it on your Kindle Fire HD. The PRO version is 99 cents, but you don’t really need it unless you’re planning on some heavy weight file transfers especially from your computer to the Kindle Fire HD. As long as it’s FROM the Kindle Fire TO the computer, the FREE version works just fine.

Step 2: Launch the app and you will get a window that looks like what’s shown on the following picture. Note down the “FILE EXPLORER WEB URL” they provide. It’s basically something like http://123.456.7.8:4000. See image below.

wireless transfer from Kindle Fire HD to PC computer

Note down the http://_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ somewhere safe. You’re gonna need this over and over

Step 3: Go to your computer, open your internet explorer, firefox, Google Chrome or whatever web browser you use and paste in that File Explorer Web URL. It will look something like http://123.456.7.8:4000. When you paste that on your browser, you will be redirected to http://123.456.7.8:4000/mnt/sdcard/ where you will see all folders of the Kindle Fire HD are.

WiFi File Explorer opened on computer web browser

Step 4: Navigate to the folder you want to access. For example, if you want to access photos you made with the Kindle Fire camera, you need to go to DCIM –> Camera. If you want to transfer screenshots you made, you need to go to Pictures –> Screenshots etc. etc. The following example shows downloading several images from the screenshots folder.

wireless transfer of screenshots to computer without micro USB

This is how you transfer files from your Kindle Fire HD to your computer without a USB cable. No cable –> wireless transfer

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